Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Workplace

I love my new job, my new office, and the new boss. The office is quirky with pristine white walls, comfy chairs, and a comfortable work conducive environment. We jave big windows too that lets in a lot of light, which is very important because low lighting can make one feel very sleepy and just groggy, in general.

So far I am into my second week on the job and loving it so far. I'm just still adjusting to the exhaustion from being at work the whole day and it doesn't help that it's hard to wake up because of the cold weather these days.

I am hoping that I will do well on this job because I like it here. Blessed!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Abu Dhabi Breakwater

Love it here! Nice breeze, good food, and great view! The Heritage Village is also here. I am yet to explore that. One of these weekends I will!

this is here

New blog! I've decided to create a new blog for my new (mis)adventure in this city-- Abu Dhabi! I've always loved this city and its culture. I feel that there is the entire country to explore and peel its skin one by one and get to know the UAE so what better way to do that than to chronicle my adventure too!

I've lived three years of my high school life here before. My family moved here when I was thirteen because my late father worked for the Philippine Embassy back then. His post brought us here and I spent three years as a teenager in Abu Dhabi. Now I am back as an adult, married to my husband and my high school sweetheart, and we are both expats here now. Funny where life took us-- back home to Manila and then reunited us in this city again.

My husband works onsite a few hours from Abu Dhabi and I work as a Social Media Specialist in the city. We're newlyweds preparing for our church wedding this November. In between work and wedding planning, I am still trying to enjoy life as it goes along without stressing too much.

Welcome to my blog!