Friday, February 22, 2013

lazy daisy weekend

I love weekends! They have been usually productive lately kicking off with wedding planning last night. We've finished finalizing the entourage and principal sponsors list plus which vendors to prioritize. This morning we finished doing the laundry, lounged around in bed a bit while enjoying the sunny day from the big windows. I did a little cleaning too but injured myself in the process. I hate that I am such a klutz. I cut my index finger and it bled. Ugh. 

And then when we were getting too sleepy again from the music we've been soundtripping to, we decided to take a walk outside to enjoy the lovely weather. I initially wanted to walk to Dunkin' Donuts because I've been craving for it since last week but when we got there I said I think I just want McDonald's because I've been craving for that too. I was surprised to see the Big Tasty on the menu. I remember it being called Big N' Tasty both in Hong Kong and Manila. I first tasted the Big N' Tasty in Hong Kong for about three years ago. And then last year it was introduced in Manila. Now it's here in the MIddle East but of all the Big N' Tasty I got to have, this one is the biggest! The cheese is different too. I think I like this the most and it's so big! Anyway, it definitely hit the spot. I felt so guilty after this burger I wanted to run it off.

Today I started on The Magic too. Read the other Rhona Byrne books too (The Secret and The Power). I like this so far and I love how there are everyday tasks. It's funny how I've wanted to start a gratitude journal since end of last year but never got around starting it. This is a good time to start. I already started the first list of things I am thankful for and can't wait for more lists. It's supposed to run for 28 days but I think I want to continue it for longer. 

I just love weekends when there's so much time to be lazy and productive at the same time. But tomorrow I go back to work so I better be catching some sleep now. 

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