Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I am the least Valentine's Day fan I know but this year I wanted to make people smile so I went a little crazy putting together mini Ferrero and strawberry bouquets for my in-laws and a strawberry-dipped-in-Nutella bouquet for my husband. I went to the mall straight after work to gather supplies and did a little Amazing Race at the mall buying things in a hurry for my Valentine's Day project. When I got home, straight to work I went for hours until it was time to go to bed. By then I was so tired yet extremely fulfilled after writing on post-its on the finished products and getting them ready for Valentine's Day.

I found some ink pads at the local Daiso and used my old
eraser stamps I carved.

Strawberries dipped in Nutella bouquet for my husband

The Ferrero and strawberries bouquet for the ladies

Finished product! 

Man-food dinner and some dessert at home

Arm party for Valentine's Day

Crafting is great therapy but lately I seem to not have time for anything else but to eat and sleep when I get home. Just kidding. I have a few afters after work at night, just need to find more energy to do something else rather than catch up on t.v. shows and then sleep a few hours later. 

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